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Following is a partial listing of the NEW VENDORS you will see
at our next PASADENA SHOW on
(Over 20 new vendors typically attend the Pasadena Show)

This list of new vendors is updated daily.

MUSEUM QUALITY ANTIQUES: Outstanding collection - Scott (San Francisco) 2 Tables
TRIPODS: Big variety, low prices - Irwin (SF Valley)
PRO STUDIO LIGHTING, backgrounds, product lighting tents - Stephen (Santa Barbara) 3 Tables
FLASH & LED LIGHTING for cameras - Max (Los Angeles)
NIKON DIGITAL cameras, camera bags, cases - Chung (Los Angeles)
LEICA & other fine collectibles - Tom (Orange County)
PRO NIKON LENSES: 300/2.8, etc. - Stephen N (Los Angeles)
PRO LIGHTING: the latest LED units & much more - Eric M (Orange County) 3 Tables
ACCESSORIES: studio microphones, camera brackets, etc. - Souren (Ontario) 2 Tables
PRO VIDEO GEAR plus tripods, lenses, many accessories - Koji (SF Valley) 2 Tables
MEDIUM FORMAT: Hassy, Rollei, Linhoff 6x12, Pentax, etc. - Reza (Riverside)
PRO NIKON LENSES, SLRs, camera bags - Erick N (San Gabriel)
DIGITAL MIRRORLESS collection - Wu (Los Angeles)
CAMERA PARTS, Nikon film cameras, iMac computers - Tao (San Gabriel)
HUGE VARIETY: Cameras, lenses, accessories - Victor (San Gabriel)
PRO LIGHTING STANDS & HARDWARE - Chris W (San Diego) 2 Tables
TOP PRO CAMERAS & LENSES (huge selection!) - Johnny L (San Gabriel)
STUDIO ITEMS: Backgrounds, lighting brackets, flash triggers - Rudy (Los Angeles)



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